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01 Sleeveless Lite 2-Way Zip Hoodie Release


Introducing the 01 Lite Sleeveless 2-way Zip Hoodie, we'll be adding this piece to the Summer 16' collection tomorrow. This 100% cotton Lite sleeveless 2-way zip Hoodie, features 2 sewn on logo patches on the front, and the 'Symbol Plus Sign' silk screened on the back. The Hoodie features a black 2-way Ykk zipper, for multiple styling options. The Hoodie will be available for purchase tomorrow at 12pm EST HERE and at the Analog Shop. Scroll down to take a closer look at the Hoodie before the release Tomorrow at 12:00pm Est. + enjoy SLEEVELESS-HOODIE-3 sqSLEEVELESS-HOODIE-2 sqSLEEVELESS-HOODIE-DETAIL-1-SQ SLEEVELESS-HOODIE-DETAIL-8-SQ SLEEVELESS-HOODIE-DETAIL-7-SQ SLEEVELESS-HOODIE-DETAIL-6-SQ SLEEVELESS-HOODIE-DETAIL-5-SQ SLEEVELESS-HOODIE-DETAIL-4-SQ SLEEVELESS-HOODIE-DETAIL-3-SQ SLEEVELESS-HOODIE-DETAIL-2-SQ

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