F/W Party NOV edition

The temperature has dropped so it's time to heat things back up with our F/W party, Wednesday, November 16th at The Soundtable. The lituation begins at 11pm, with $5 entry until 12am. This month's party is hosted by Kwassi & Kierra Please. Find out what this dope peeps are up to from the links below. Oh yeah and we're giving away FREE S#!T but slow down you'll have to RSVP here for a chance to win. See you there! special thanks to last months host Tvssy [@Tvssy ],Tre Von [@badn3wzz], and Keshi [ @keshi101] Check out the Photos from last F/W party below

Don't forget to prime up with Tunde 0 : Mix 1 below 


KWASSI + @moda404

Kiera Please +  @KieraPlease


Time + 11pm-2am Location + 483 Edgewood Ave


Check out the Photos from last F/W party below - Recap photos by bygregrich.tumblr.com

fwprtyoct1 fwprtyoct21 fwprtyoct20 fwprtyoct17 fwprtyoct16 fwprtyoct15 fwprtyoct14 fwprtyoct13 fwprtyoct12 fwprtyoct11 fwprtyoct10 fwprtyoct9 fwprtyoct8 fwprtyoct7 fwprtyoct6 fwprtyoct5 fwprtyoct4 fwprtyoct3 fwprtyoct2

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