FRESHIAM UPDATES — “No Apologies Accepted”

“No Apologies Accepted”


We present to you the “No Apologies Accepted” T-shirt. If you’ve been rockin’ with us, then you remember our boy Alex Ordonez designing an exclusive t-shirt for us earlier this year. The design came to be after Alex’s first visit to Atlanta back in February. Once Alex arrived at our design studio he instantaneously clicked with our creative team, where they began discussing their experiences in the fashion industry. After a few hours of discussion and brainstorming, the “No Apologies Accepted” t-shirt was born. We made a limited quantity out of our design studio and released it as a 1-day only exclusive at our Analog shop back in February. The t-shirt quickly sold-out and has since been worn by some of NY’s Most Influential Fashion Youth, such as @miketheruler and @sarahfuckingsnyder.

The official release will be this Friday the 13th. It comes in a black short sleeve 100% cotton T-shirt. The tee is slim and slightly elongated, silk screened across the chest is, “No Apologies Accepted” in bold white ink. You can purchase the T-shirt at 12am EST from our online-shop & from 4pm – 9pm at the Analog Shop May, Friday the 13th.

To see what Alex has been up to, check him out in his recent interview with Oyster magazine.

Photos by @wtfckjay
Model @laureneifs





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