FRESHIAM UPDATES — (1 of 1) FIA x NYREE Tribe Biker Flame Vest

(1 of 1) FIA x NYREE Tribe Biker Flame Vest 

+F.i.A+ and Atlanta artist Nyree Morrison will be dropping the Tribe Biker Flame Vest  this Friday. This black genuine leather vest is covered with flames along the lining and edges of the jacket. The flames get a realistic feel to them with Nyree using yellow, orange, red, and blue colors to detail the fire. The word burn is painted along the shoulders of the vest. The sleeveless moto jacket also has a white tribe plus sign on the back with white tribe stripes on the sides and a Nyree Arts X Freshiam skull and crossbones patch on the inside. The vest will retail for $1,200. To own this one of a kind piece of art, you can purchase it online this Friday @ 12pm or at the Analog Shop. Click the button below to get a closer look.
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