Q & A with Phil Winter + freshiam

Q & A with Phil Winter

Who is Phil Winter ?
Photographer, visual artist, DJ, & creative mind

Where are you from ?
Im originally from Jersey. South Orange to be exact. Lauryn Hill & The Fugees, SZA, Kevin Spacey, Zack Braff and a few others are from my hometown too so growing up I've always felt like im the next person to blow up out of SO. I also have two immigrant parents from Barbados & Guyana.

If you were to run for president, why should people vote for you?
I'm going to make weed legal, change the national anthem to Freeway- What We Do, and let people vacation in space

Who are your life inspirations/influences? 
Not really a specific person but traveling, Tumblr, new music, & great conversations is where i get my inspiration from. 

What is your favorite genre/genres of music?
I just like good music no matter what genre but country is pretty trash

Describe your favorite brands? 
My favorite brands are Crucial Limited, Yohji Yamamoto, Adidas, and Toy Machine

Top 5 favorite music albums? 
In no order       

J-Dilla Donuts

Clipse- Lord Willin

Kid Cudi- Indicud

Retchy P- Polo Sporting Goods

Mob Deep- The Infamous

What advice would you give to creatives wanting to push their craft ?
Id advise creatives to create their own lane & style. Don't sound or look like anyone else, and compete with yourself and always to top the last thing you did. Don't follow the trends or fads but be the one to start them 

What are your hobbies/free time activities?  
Skateboarding, cooking, traveling, DJing, and plotting my next moves.

What are your life/career goals?
Short term i want to someone's tour photographer. I think i would clash really well with Kehlani, Swae Lee, and ASAP Rocky but I would get dope photos with anyone for the most part. I want to eventually have my own skatepark/photo studio/ creative space warehouse. A life goal is to leave something on this earth that will be appreciated and talked about forever

What do you feel are your biggest accomplishments in your life/career? 
Meeting Nas was pretty insane. Having my work featured magazines and publications I read, and having huge artist show love to my work.

Favorite vacation place ? 
Between Miami or LA

What is your favorite food? 
That's a tough one. It's between Caribbean food, pizza, and tacos

What is your biggest fear ? 
Not being able to have the freedom to create & working a desk job. Also being 40 and working at a grocery store sounds pretty scary too

Who are your favorite visual artists ? 
Neckface, Ed Templeton, The Gonz 

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