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Q & A with Debbi Snax

Who is Debbi Snax? 

A southern woman first and foremost, a true Peach and ATLieN. Outside of that I’m an Artist,  I’m a painter, tattoo artist, and Muralist. I’m that friend that comes with a warning label  because I will always tell you what you need to hear,  not what you want to hear. 

What would you say is your contribution or Legacy to the arts community in Atlanta?

Showing women of color and all people that you can break the boundaries of the old norm, all without breaking a nail ... as far as my legacy .. I don’t know I’m no where near done yet . 

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment thus far in your career? 
So far my personal has to be the 40ft mural I painted in 4 days for Daydreams night club. I’ve never painted anything that large  & I fucking did it . 

Describe your Style.
However I feel that day .. most of the time it’s casual street wear  Bc I’m in the shop all day... but I like to think I can pull off anything. 

What's a normal day for you like? 
It’s pretty easy going  .. I wake up around 8am walk Mr. Peanut Butter (my schnauzer), depending on the day I might go to a kickboxing class at Vesta Movement early around 10am, late breakfast with my aunt then I’m off to the shop ... I’m there all day from 1 - 9pm taking appointments & walk-ins. After work, I take peanut out & the rest of the night I’m in my studio working on flash or the next days appointment. Then I get ready to start it all over again tomorrow.

When did you receive your first tattoo? 
On my 18th birthday senior year of high school ..: Some cherry creek flash that I picked off a flash sheet 

What drives you to keep making Art? 
Honestly, I’m just creating to get it out and to feel better. So it’s unique for me Because it continues to evolve every week, every month & every year way beyond my own imagination when I started .  

How do you feel about female empowerment in the arts community in Atlanta? 
It’s extremely important we are the invisible backbone in every community. We have to continue to uplift each other. 

Famous last words.  
Continue to be great & always strive for more

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