Interview Sage + freshiam

Interview Sage

Who is Sage?  

I’m not really Sure. Still figuring it out.


What's a normal day for you like?  

Once I’m up i usually just get straight to work. Either working on a commission or something for myself. Play a movie or turn on some music. It’s usually jazz in the morning. Like some John Coltrane.


How has your work evolved?  

It started off really cartoony just because I was young, but I kept adding more and more detail. And it grew into what it is today.

Describe your style. 

It’s just a mix of shit I like. Weird shirts and colors that make me feel good. I’ve been wearing a lot of orange lately.


Why type of media do you use for your paintings?  

I use acrylic paint usually on canvas.


How do you choose your subject? 

It’s just whatever inspires me. It’s not usually a conscious choice.

What projects/shows are you working on? 

Right now I’m working on my next art show. I’m really excited about it, gonna be some of my best works yet.

What other artist inspire you? 

None really.

Famous last words.   

I told you.



Sage -

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