In a groundbreaking moment for +FIA+, our latest collection signals the dawn of a new era, drawing inspiration from the brand's enduring iconic "+" symbol. It has been, integral since our inception, and instrumental in propelling our brand aesthetics and identity forward. The focal point of this evolution is the central placement of the "+" signs derived from our '+FRESH.i.AM+' logo.

Embracing a palette of Japanese denim, eye catching embossed details, chrome-plated hardware, and genuine leather, this collection embodies a dedication to quality craftsmanship. A standout feature of this line is the birth of a new shape, the Double Infinity Plus Sign—an unprecedented shape that crafts an optical illusion, capturing the essence of two plus signs journeying through infinite space.

This collection finds its roots in the "POST FUTURE" movement, reflecting our response to the sci-fi reality of today. It harmonizes elements from the past and present, laced with an optimistic vision for the future. Join us on this journey of self discovery, re-birth, while searching for glory.

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