@cold_archive known for their research and presentation of different underground creative scenes, both past and current;  did a write up on us. The article covers topics and things we don't usually talk about as a brand. ⁠

"FRESHIAM was delivered in Atlanta in 2009 by Tunde Ogunnoiki, with the help of his friends C.Will and Onisha, the decision to make his background in fashion and art a reality, filling the void that was lacking in Atlanta’s limited fashion scene. His idea was to create pieces with more emotional connection for the people who he felt wanted pieces they could make their own, allowing the user to express their individuality. FUKK, SAVE, GONE, NOPE, FRSH, MAD, CVL, BORD and FIA were some of the designs that would be about rebellion and, as he describes, a ‘State Of Mind’. In an interview he explains the brand was built for creating a sense of community, and culture being a large part of the growth of his brand, support to festivals such as Bonaroo and Afro Punk reflect this community statement and gave him organic growth.

His hub was placed in the centre of Atlanta, a place that held some of the first fashion shows, from the collection ‘State of Mind’ released in 2012. The collaboration had picked up attention from Glyn Brown, Ian Connors and Theophilus London, after the gifting of the FUKK hat art Basel performance in Miami. Eventually they went on to collaborate on a collection of 100 hats that were released upon his E.P ‘Lovers Holiday’. Then again later collaborating again to make a hat to support the release of his music video for ‘girls girls $’.


The brand expanded to more pieces with the “FUKK” collection, which was a staple piece for underground fashion heads. The collection's popularity led to a collaboration with MIGOS on their NO LABEL 2 album cover. Other notable collaborations were with Black Scale to create the first Balaclava Beanie, that was later replicated by Alexander Wang's Neon collection.
The brand stepped back in 2019 after one of the partners left the company. To where we have the present with the hub being moved to LA, the brand in full on effect, with new released garments earlier this year which was supported by Wiz Khalifa in ‘pop that trunk’ video with Juicy J."

credit - @cold_archive

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