Art Club interviews Adam Crawford + freshiam

Art Club interviews Adam Crawford

We sat down with the Atlanta Fine artist, muralist, and designer, Adam crawford to pick his brain on his work and what motivates him to create.  Meet him in person Oct 24th at Revery RSVP HERE.


Do you mind introducing yourself to those reading?

Adam Crawford aka FREEKYBEAR, Atlanta native, artist, muralist and designer.

Where are you originally from?

East Side of Atlanta, where the chicken wings are better.

What got you interested in Art? How long have you been creating?

Constantly being surrounded by creativity and support. My father is in the film industry and my mother fed me art supplies from yard sales. I started painting pictures and building sculptures at a young age.

How would you describe your style?

Trap Renaissance—Trap mentality, Renaissance quality  

You have many art styles from street art to fine art, whats your favorite canvas to paint on and why?

The one in front of me, no matter the surface.  If I am offered a canvas it will be painted.  

Your recent collections of paintings that depict Atlanta rappers as saints, what inspired you to paint this collection? 

My Trap Icons series refers to my experiences being raised religious and later immersed in the trap, I drew parallels between the two. After touring and studying in Italy, I came back and recreated the lavishness of the church with what surrounded me. 

Can you describe your thought process when you decide what you want to create? 

Focused and to the point, when I’m in the studio I’m very process based. 

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be more confident in your work, you’re young. And a cliche one, ‘network with anyone and everyone you never know where it will lead’.

Who or What are some of your inspirations?

The Atlanta creative scene as a whole, so many diverse, cool, and talented people here. Also anything from ancient Christian paintings to graffiti in the hood, constantly finding inspiration around me. 

What projects/shows are you working on?

I’m currently in the studio painting my largest canvas (16’ x 6’) for a new hotel. I have a piece at T.I.’s Trap Muzik museum. Currently working on a mural with my favorite Atlanta sports team, and preparing for a solo show the weekend of the Super Bowl. 

Famous last words.  

Secure the bag.




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