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It's been 1 year now since we started this thing called Art Club.  Since then we've interviewed lots of cool Artists and partied with them all.  For our anniversary we are excited to feature the multi talented fine artist Dosa Kim.  We sat with Dosa to pick his brain and see what his been up to.  Check out the interview below.


Do you mind introducing yourself?

Dosa Kim, and I'm a creative from Atlanta.

Where are you originally from?

Born in TN and arrived in here 1989. My nationality is Korean. 

What got you interested in Art?

Been drawing ever since I could remember. I think with the notion of art however it's been a thing I have always gravitated too. It's one thing to make a picture, its another thing entirely to create something that makes people think. It's important to make things that engage the audience  rather than just being there for the sake of just being there. 

How long have you been creating?


How would you describe your style?

Graphic, High Contrast, High Design. I like sharp lines and take things with a very graphic approach. If anything, I try to create things with some kind of narrative in mind. 

I noticed you have several styles that cross between digital and traditional painting, how do you go about choosing the medium you use to create?

It changes from day to day. Being comfortable with a medium is important it dictates the message being given at times.  In today's world, digital is a very big deal. I like getting my ideas out and it gets quicker results. Some products now can only be produced as a digital output so I am super proponent of seeing what technology has to offer and how it can be bent to my vision.  I also appreciate analog mediums that produce originals. The one of the kind factor is something that carries weight. You can not beat the smell of paint or the feel of clay, which will dictate the look of the piece at hand.  

Your work has some political themes and but also shows human struggles how do you pick the topics for your work?

I never really pick those pieces. They pick me. You should be aware of the world around you. The human struggle is something that we all share in common with everyone. At the end of the day, I feel it is something that moves me to report on current human conditions. If anything it's therapy for me and is a constant reminder of what people are capable of.  

How has your work evolved over the years? 

From a graphic design standpoint to narrative and now to 3d and visual effects, its really all over the place. I think that my earlier pieces are very minimalistic in nature,but as I began to have some mastery over the processes, they have increasingly have gotten a lot more intricate. At the end of the day, your technique will dictate the end result and I will go to great lengths to get some cool images up. 

I understand you also work in 3D and Augmented reality how does that lay into your work?

It's something that I really enjoy. The fact that 3d space lives in a 2d format. Video Games is one the highest art forms that exist today. It takes a lot to create something like this. A combination of logic and creativity is something that is worthwhile to study. It is a medium that currently the whole world is on to today.

I noticed on your instagram you’ve drawn several local Atlanta creatives all in the same style can you tell us more about this series?

In Early 2000's before I left Atlanta, I did a series of characters that I felt influenced culture. It wasn't celebrities but the people that inhabited these cities. I like to think I know Atlanta, and I wanted to feature them. The real shakers and movers of the scene are the ones right infront of you. The style and approach is so cold and I always felt that this is where culture comes from. RAW and uncut. I still believe in this and always want to meet up with these types. They might not be the heroes today but I've seen too many of these characters grow up and do amazing things. Take notes on what is around you and watch how people move.

Where do you see your style evolving from here?

Working with some of these new faces like OriginalFani, PaperFrank, and VillaMora to name a few. that I didn't get to know or collaborate with until I got back. Mikkoh and the crew at We Are SuperLowKey are another bunch of new players that really are different, cause there were not many asians in the scene when I did my thing. Atlanta has definitely changed and I like it.

Who or What are some of your inspirations?

Geez, some of the people I have named above, but obviously FIA, CobraCorps, TOTEM, LERN, MichiMeko, FRKO, Dr.DAX. Outside of this a host of others. Michael Lau, Ashely Wood, BigBoi, Anna Catfish, MJ so many more. Takashi Murakami, Araki, ETC...

What projects/shows are you working on?

Got some new things planned but keeping wraps on them currently. Right now just gearing up for FIA Artclub and gearing up to get back into the fight. It's a new Atlanta and I'm excited to start playing again.



IG - @x_dosa_x





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