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Art Club interviews Corey Davis

This month we interviewed Fine Artist, Tattoo Artist, Comic book illustrator, and musician Corey Davis. His work blends different genres and has a specific aesthetic that's unique to Corey. As the 4 year anniversary approaches on his Tattoo shop, we sat down with Corey to get some insight on his work and what's next for him. Read interview below to see the method to his madness.


Do you mind introducing yourself to those reading?

My name is Corey davis, I'm an artist in Atlanta, GA.


Where are you originally from?

I was born in Columbus, Ohio but my Mom moved my brother and I down to Atlanta into 2000to give us a better chance at becoming something in life. Now when I go back to my hometown to visit it starts to feel like some of those folks are stuck in a time after a couple days. Like damn, y'all really still up to the same ol' shit?


What got you interested in Art?

In the beginning it was just something fun to keep me busy as a child, we couldn't afford all the toys I wanted so I would draw the characters and pretend I did. After while I started to notice my drawings looked a little better than my friends which inspired me to try to keep getting better. My mother noticed this passion from a young age and did her best to fuel it, keeping me stocked up with cheap art supplies and copy paper.


How long have you been creating?

Pretty much all my life.

Your style seams to juxtapose Adult themes with cute characters, can you tell us a bit about your thought process when creating new works?

I just really appreciate the dichotomy of two objects being placed in a setting together, that are the complete opposite or have nothing to do with each other, but somehow it still feels right. It's balanced. Like old vs new, or like you just sad cute yet mature. even if you look at the way the city of Atlanta is setup, you might be walking down a street full of million dollar houses and then the next block over you're in the hood. it's a concept I enjoy exploring in my art. Sometimes it translate through my style.


How has your work evolved over the years?

I'm constantly trying to evolve as an artist, it's no fun if I'm not trying to outdo my previous self so it's always changing. At one period I was completely obsessed with having the cleanest and straightest linework in my paintings, the process became so mundane that I wasn't even enjoying myself half the time I was creating. So recently, I've decided to loosen a bit and be more rough. Create images that flow compared to previous work that looked like it could have been drafted up by an architect.

How would you describe your style?

I've always been an illustrator at heart. Even now with my current project being a comic book, Jambalaya Mixtape, there's a lot of drawing getting done with some heavy 1990's Marvel comics influence with a manga/anime twist and sprinkle of Walt Disney on top.


what’s your favorite medium to use in your paintings?

I'm an acrylic guy. I've tried to experiment with oils before when I was a teenager, I finished what I thought was a decent piece and leaned it on a wall. One month later my mom was babysitting some badass lil kids who ran into my room to play video games and knocked the painting over. It smudged all into the carpet, it was ruined. Nowadays, I'm aware there are tools and chemicals to speed up that drying process, but a whole month? I just don't have the patient to sit there and watch paint dry. Especially with my style being so flat, acrylic just works better for me.


As a Tattoo artist, Business owner, and a fine artist do you find it difficult to find balance?

Not at all, I love tattooing. Not only does it help pay the bills, it created a avenue for me where I don't have to get a bunch of odd jobs to make ends meet. Which opens up more time for me to work on my personal art, commissions and collaborations. We're about to be celebrating our 4 year anniversary at City of Ink Edgewood, so I'm excited about that!


Can you describe your thought process when you decide what you want to create?

What haven't I seen before?


Who or What are some of your inspirations?

Titties on instagram.


What projects/shows are you working on?

Currently focused on this comic book anthology with my friend, Melvin Todd, called Jambalaya Mixtape. Check us out at

instagram + @whoiscoreydavis


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