Introducing The FIA ART CLUB + freshiam

Introducing The FIA ART CLUB

Introducing the FIA Art Club, the once a month congregation of like minded individuals looking to elevate their minds through Artistic expression.  The First Club meeting has been set for Wednesday, Oct. 4th at The Sound Table. We’ll be discussing the Fia Art Clubs agenda and exploring the Dada and Surrealist movements through the film, “Un Chien Andalou” by director Luis Buñuel & artist Salvador Dalí. This meeting will be hosted by @tosochristine along with sound selectors - @tunde0 @adoratokyo & @_florista_ They'll be playing sounds from house, art house cinema, and House trap.  Members are free but guests must RSVP here( for FREE entry
Meeting starts at 10pm

This Months Art film Curated by Injex “Un Chien Andalou”, is by the director Luis Buñuel & and legendary artist Salvador Dalí. 


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