As promised, we sat down with our boy Alex to pick his brain a bit. We find out what it’s like to sit down to dinner with Ye and the ups and downs of being a model and getting signed. Check it out below and don’t forget to come to Analog Hangout tomorrow to meet Alex and grab a drink or two. Make sure you cop one of his exclusive shirts while you’re at it as they’ll be sold for one day only!


2PM – 8PM






+FRESH.i.AM+ // From Hartford to the Big Apple, how’s that transition been?

ALEX // Well, it’s been pretty hectic, of course. I’ve had my ups and downs. Its definitely a different environment, as I already expected it to be. Nothing’s easy. It takes time and patience to do things.

+FIA+ // So you sat down to dinner with Rocky and the King of Rants, Mr. West. Tell us a little bit about it.

A // Hahaha ”King of Rants,” funny one… Anyways, it was a cool experience, something I didn’t expect at all. I was in LA for the Guess X Rocky collaboration shoot & one of the settings for the shoot took place at a diner, so we all settled there. Ian had called me over to sit at the table where Ye and Rocky were sitting, I didn’t even know Ye was there lol but shit was tight, we all chopped it up for a little and talked about old school rappers & random shit.

+FIA+ // As a model, you have the luxury of traveling just to be photographed. What’s your favorite country you’ve been to so far?

A // Yoo!! It definitely would be England!! I Flew out to London for a TopMan shoot the day after I got back from LA. I was excited to go l, not just for the shoot, but for the travel experience and to see my friend Sonny. It was tight. I met a lot of great people and did a lot of cool things. I love London so much I cant wait to go back.

+FIA+ // I hear you’re working on an exclusive shirt collab with +FIA+. How does it feel being on the design end of a brand?

A // Yeah we’re working on one garment, a surprise exclusive to be released at the pop up. I’m stocked and glad to be working with you guys. But yeah, I might pitch in some more natural ideas in the near future. I’m not a designer nor am I looking to start a brand, I’m just doing it as another way to express myself.

+FIA+ // Any advice for rising models out there trying to get signed?

A // I’ve been getting asked this question a lot lately by aspiring models so I’m glad you asked. I would say move to New York, London or LA for a better chance on getting signed. If you’re familiar with the industry, they’re very picky. Regardless, if you don’t end up getting signed, there’s still so many opportunities offered for unsigned models. So don’t give up!

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