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So word on the net or word on the triple W (sorry guys been trying to find a hip slang for referencing the internet) is that these past couple of day your boy Takashi Murakami aka Young Kashi or aka Kami-Kami, or even T-Money as we personally call him………actually we don’t personally know Mr. Murakami, but hopefully look forwards to the acquaintance, has had one of the highest honors of being invited to show at the Versailles. The Versailles is like a big deal in France; a couple of small time treaty took place there, like the Treaty of Paris which ended the American Revolution and the Treaty of Versailles which ended WWI. And some dude name Louis XII and XVI and XXX, I mean  XV or something use to kick it there. I don’t know no Lousi XIII but I know some Jordan XIII hahahahah youknowwhatimtalmbout! Lol anyways, So I guess they invited Murakami to show at one of their most prestige prestige royal highness swag joints The Grey Poupon I mean The Chateau de Versailles. The exhibit opens today to the public, so check Mr. Superflat go ham in Fronce. // MORE IMAGES AFTER THE JUMP + enjoy

via Billionaire Boys Club [+]

Side note* Folks are really tripping about Murakami being at this place, and hating on Murakami. Are they right or wrong? I can’t call it, check these Hype Beast comments [+]

“aesthetically, his stuff is super interesting and energetic, that being said, not very original. jeff koons has been doin this type of shit since the early 90′s with his celebration series. same concept, its been done”

“You gotta be fucking kidding me, in Versailles!? who the fuck authorized that?”

“Jeff Coon was invited in 2008 at Le Chateau Versailles and his proposition was incredibly funnier and well executed than this.”

“idk who decided to allow such an exhibition in such a historical piece of landmark. love the artist, don’t agree with the exhibition. wait…to compensate lets schedule the beastie boyz to perform at the sydney opera house.”

Of course people will have their opinions (age of the opinion) but I personally feel you can’t knock this brilliant effort and work, eff a canvas, this man and his company is doing 3 dimensional shyt. And if he gets invited to the Versailles or however that went down, let it be. You never know whats going to happen or what kind of impact is going to be, let if flow and see how it unfolds.

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